Welcome to the home page for a micro budget feature film starring Winnipeg’s Doreen Brownstone–one of Canada’s oldest actors, and one of the producers’ favourite actors of any age.

We’re deep into post-production, and looking forward to sharing the final product in 2018.

Please browse around the site to learn more about the film, and even how YOU can get involved!

2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi,
    I happened to stumble across the description of the fundraising for the Doreen Brownstone film, but was sorry to see that I couldn’t make a donation towards it.

    Then I looked at some other links and read that I could still donate. How would I do that?

    I heard at my tap class tonight that Doreen is well and working hard on the movie. I’m glad to hear that she’s well. Her 93rd birthday must be happening about now, isn’t it ? Will there be another celebration or is she too busy with the movie?



    1. Hi Mavis! Stefanie here. You can still donate–the page is here.
      All donations will be gratefully accepted, and very useful during this production phase of the movie.
      She’s not having a big celebration this year–but she is indeed turning 93 on Monday (and we’re taking the day off for it!).
      Thanks for taking the trouble to look for this and write!

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